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30 min



Best for - dull, dry, rough, lack luster skin and acne congestion.

Microdermabrasion is a comfortable and professional form of mechanical exfoliation which aids in the removal of dead skin cells. This service reveals glowing radiant skin, allows for better product penetration, and smooths textural issues. 

Neck and decollate included

Also available as an add on

Chemical Peels


30 min

Starts at $90


Best for - acne, scarring, sun / age / liver spots, melasma, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peels are a specially designed formula which aid in overall skin appearance. This service evens out skin tone, diminishes chronic / cystic acne, and speeds up your cell turnover. Each peel is designed a little differently and which one we use will depend on our skin analysis, your concerns, and your goals.

Also available as an add on



30 min



Best for - anyone struggling with excess facial hair, dull, dry, or rough skin.

Dermaplanes exfoliate off layers of dead skin as well as removes all vellus hairs. This allows for better product penetration, mechanical exfoliation, and removes peach fuzz. 

Also available as an add on


30 min



Best for - Sagging skin and fine lines

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles of the face - kind of like a workout! This strengthens and tones the muscles giving you an immediate lifting and firming result. This works amazing on the eyelids -  or we can focus on fine lines / wrinkles with this treatment as well

Microcurrent Facelift



60 min



Best for - anyone who struggles with acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, textural issues, lack of collagen, or loss of elasticity.

Microneedling forms mircochannels which create a controlled wound in the skin. This results in plumping, toning, tightening, evening out overall texture, and a decrease in wrinkles. Fountain of youth service!

Neck and Stem Cells available for an additional fee

Anti Laser


90 min



Best for - anyone who struggles with deep wrinkles, lack of collagen, loss of elasticity, or dark spots.

This services combines a Chemical Peel, Green LED Therapy, and Microneedling with a stem cell / peptide blend!

Neck included!

Nano Infusion


30 min



Best for - anyone who struggles with dry flaky skin. Also great for aging prevention.

This service in non invasive, pain free, suitable for any skin types and all skin concerns. Through the use of a pen, thousands of microscopic cones create micro-channels in the skin. This allows the serum used to have 97% better absorption! The serum used will be determined by your concerns, we are able to focus on hydration, brightening, acne, wrinkles, or rosacea.

Neck Included!



Coming Soon!

Anti Botox


90 min



Best for - anyone who struggles with deep wrinkles, lack of collagen, and loss of elasticity.

This services combines Microcurrent Facelift, Red LED Therapy, and Microneedling with a stem cell / peptide blend!

Neck included!


'Pamper Me' Facial


60 min



This facial is fully customized to cater to your specific skin type and concerns. This can also be converted to cater teens and men!


Leave the correction to your aesthetician, while you fall into deep relaxation under a starry night sky. This service includes aromatherapy of your choice as well as a shoulder, neck, face, hand, arm, foot, and scalp massages. *For extra skin love, choose any available add ons as well!

Neck and decollate included

CBD Facial


60 min



Contains therapeutic levels of CBD designed to calm and soothe, for all skin types and concerns. A great relaxing facial to improve the overall health and wellness of the skin.

Perfect for rosacea, sensitive or sensitized skin, inflamed acne, & dry skin.

Neck and decollate included

Teen Detox Facial


60 min



Relax while fighting breakouts with this gentle and non invasive service.


This fully customized facial will include a double exfoliation featuring an oxygen infusing bubble mask, acne fighting enzyme mask, and a detoxing clay mask. We will use a skin scrubber for comfortable and effective extractions, high frequency, and blue led light which will aid in killing bacteria, diminishing breakouts, and preventing future blemishes.

Neck and decollate included

Redness Relief Facial


60 min



This customizable facial is extremely relaxing and soothing to irritated or chronically red skin.


This service will include an oxygen mask, a gentle enzyme, a mandelic peel solution (if its right for your skin type), a cool and calming seaweed mask, and ending with redness relief products and chilly jade stone rollers.


This is a cooler facial, however the massages and heated table will still be nice and toasty! ($140 value)

Neck and decollate included

Acne Rehab Facial


90 min



This service combines all the relaxation from the 'Pamper Me' Facial with everything you need to fight acne.


This facial is fully customizable and will include a double exfoliation featuring an oxygen infusing mask, acne fighting enzyme, light scrub, a light chemical peel, and a detoxing clay mask.


We will also include a skin scrubber for comfortable and effective extractions, high frequency, and blue led light which will aid in killing bacteria, healing current breakouts, and preventing future blemishes.  ($225 value!)

Neck and decollate included

Red Carpet Facial


90 min



This is the PERFECT combination of relaxation and anti aging.


While including all of the bliss and massages from the 'Pamper Me' Facial, this fully customized service also features an enzyme, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, high frequency, microcurrent facelift, collagen mask, and red led!


Can you say best of both worlds?? Treat your skin to this luxurious service before events or holidays to show off your most radiant self. ($300 value!)

Neck and decollate included




5 - 45 min

$15 - $90


Available body parts:
- Lip
- Chin
- Brows
- Full Face

- Underarms
- Bikini / Brazilian *Female only



15 min



Available for Brows & Lashes

If you want your brows to stand out without shading them in day after day, brow tints are perfect for you!

Lash tinting is ideal for anyone with blonde or light brown lashes. This is perfect for summers or vacations when you want dark lashes without the hassle of mascara!



30 min



Available as a facial add on or a stand alone service.

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the healer can channel energy to balance the chakras and promote overall wellness to the receiver, mentally and physically.

Lash Lift


60 min



Lash lifting is ideal for someone who loves the look of extensions but doesn't like the time, commitment, or amount of finances it takes to keep them looking fresh.


Lifting is an eye safe perm that creates the perfect curl, making your lashes look long and luscious!


***This service only needs to be done once a season!

Brow Lamination


30 min



This is the perfect service if you're looking to step up your brow game!

Pairs amazingly with Lash Lifting and Brow Tinting

Show Stopper


75 min



This is the ultimate eye treatment!


This bundle includes a brow lamination, tint and wax, lash lift and tint.


Perfect before events, holidays, vacations, or once a season just for maintenance!