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Meet Alex:

Alexandra Oliver

Medical Aesthetician & Injector

Hi! I'm Alex, a true trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of aesthetics. Over the past eleven incredible years, I've conquered a multitude of establishments, from luxurious day spas to cutting-edge medspas, perfecting my skills and gaining invaluable expertise along the way. But my dedication to skincare goes beyond the confines of my work. I'm constantly expanding my knowledge through advanced education classes, devouring countless books, and tuning in to the latest skin podcasts. 

When I'm not busy exploring the beauty industry, I seek solace in gym sessions, conquering rock walls, enjoying game nights, and cherishing precious moments with my loved ones, especially my husband & daughter.


My passion lies in helping individuals achieve their skin goals, as I firmly believe that true beauty comes from within, radiating confidence and self-love. With my expertise, I strive to transform your skin and unleash your inner glow.

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